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Explore the options that will enhance your business security, reputation and bottom line.


Are you embarking on a new corporate alliance? Do you hire vendors? Do you hire money handlers?  Does your employee have access to sensitive information or financial accounts?​ Make sure you know who is representing you, your business and your reputation! Are you aligning your business with an individual or a company that you know nothing about?


Gaining knowledge about the Principals of a company you plan to conduct business with can be eye opening.  


Has an investor requested funding and you know nothing about them?  Do they have a history of deceitful business practice or worse, a criminal background?


Will your company decide against investing in a company if it found the promoter led a lavish lifestyle disproportionate to the business' state? The difficulty investors face today is that promoters of most startups have no financial background that can be scrutinized. With a change in the type of companies being funded and the average age of the entrepreneur, prudent background checks have included comprehensive and criminal backgrounds.


Business Due Diligence Searches provide:
Current and Previous Employees, Officers, and Directors
Bankruptcies, Liens, and Judgments
UCC Filings
Current and Historical Phones, Addresses, and DBAs
Branches, Subsidiaries, Parent Companies, and Headquarters
Add services for personal criminal background checks or reputation/ social media checks to get a more indepth look into an individual's character. 
Contact Global PI, LLC Investigative Services for more information.


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